Informatics Festival 2021

"Learn the Technology, Earn the Future"

IFest, held by UNPAD's computer science students, is an annual event that has been running for seven years to increase knowledge, skill, and awareness of the society towards the further development of information technology (IT) which is considered to be highly competitive and valuable in the new era of Smart Society 5.0.

IFest 2021 has 5 series of events that have been arranged optimally to achieve the goals and remain cooperative with the government regulations in minimizing the spread of COVID-19. With IFest, hopefully, it can grow public interest in the IT field and improve the quality of IT to have a major impact on the technology development in Indonesia.

IFest 2021 raised a theme:

"Utilization of AI & Big Data For Post Pandemic Recovery in 5.0 Society Era"

International Conference

"Breakthrough Research of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for post-pandemic recovery"

2021 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (ICAIBDA) is an international conference that invites experienced speakers in fields relevant to the IFEST theme. ICAIBDA aims to establish a platform and to provide opportunities for academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, practitioners from all over the world to exchange and share their experiences, ideas, knowledge and research results to the latest issues of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Meet Our Speakers

Professor Boris Mirkin

Higher School of Economics, Moscow RF

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StartUp Talk

"Striding into Global Technology Improvement: The implementation of Big Data and AI"

StartUp Talk is a talk show that brings together the founder or strategic partner of startups to share their experiences in the world of entrepreneurship related to big data and artificial intelligence implementation, especially in Indonesia.

Our StartUps


"Build Innovative Startup to Thrive in the 5.0 Society Era"

Technopreneur is an online workshop event that provides training & development by professionals to develop entrepreneurial interests and competence in IT field to not only participate, but also thrive in the new Society 5.0 era.

Technopreneur Speakers

seminar speaker
Muhamad Nur Awaludin, S.Kom Direktur Fammi Funding & Pitching Speaker
seminar speaker
Liong Danny Aguswahyudi Founder in Juggle Jack, Business Concept Business Concept Speaker
seminar speaker
Hadi Santoso Co-Founder, COO Sahaware Teknologi Indonesia Design Thinking Speaker

IT Competition

IT Competition is an event series in IFest 2021 in a form of IT Online competitions nationwide that invites excellent generation from all over Indonesia to compete and innovate to be the best in the field of informatics in this period, acting as the spearhead of civilization.

Awarding Night

"Celebrating Highlights of An Outstanding Journey"

Awarding night, presented by IFest 2021, is an event dedicated to celebrate the incredible journey of all the participants as well as to appreciate all the support and participation in the whole event. Featuring exclusive guest stars as a form of appreciation to all parties who have contributed to the success of the IFest 2021.

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