Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag (CTF) is a competition branch of the IT Competition IFest 2021 on a national scale about network and information security organized by the Informatics Student Association of Padjadjaran University. This competition is open for public.

Capture The Flag is a Cyber Security competition that requires participants to think creatively in search of certain strings called Flags. This competition uses the concept of jeopardy, where each team is required to collect as many points as possible. This competition consists of several categories including Web Hacking, Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, and Digital Forensic.

Total Prize & Bonus

first trophy illustration Rp.2.000.000
second medal illustration Rp.1.000.000
  • All Participants will get an E-Certificate
  • Participants who are in top 5 rankings will get a Free Pass for the 2021 International Conference event.




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