Innovative Technology Competition (INTENTION)

Innovative Technology Competition (INTENTION) is a competition branch of IT Competition IFest 2021 on a national scale. INTENTION competes for participants to create a creative and innovative website or application. INTENTION raised a theme

"Accelerate to a Better Future with Integrating Tech Innovations".

With this theme, we hope that participants can innovate to create applications that can make the world a better place in terms of health, economy, environment, education, and others.

Total Prize & Bonus

first trophy illustration Rp.5.000.000
second medal illustration Rp.3.000.000
third medal illustration Rp.1.000.000
  • All Participants will get an E-Certificate
  • Participants who pass the finalist selection will get a Free Pass for the 2021 International Conference event.


juri data analysys competition
Ahmad Hakim Content Creator at Codepolitan
juri data analysys competition
Yuzuf Fazeri Backend Programmer at Codepolitan