StartUp Talk

"Striding into Global Technology Improvement: The implementation of Big Data and AI"

StartUp Talk is an online talk show that brings together the founder or strategic partner of a startup with participants to share their experiences in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The presence of this event is expected to increase public knowledge about the implementation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in current technological developments.

21 & 22 August 2021

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Zoom Meeting

Rp. 10.000

Our StartUps

Our Big Data Speakers

Anwar Sadat Ph.D
Anwar Sadat Ph.D CTO at Bahaso
Rasuna R.U. Ciptoadi
Rasuna R.U. Ciptoadi Data Analyst at Quipper
Rulsyah R
Rulsyah Senior Data Engineer at Cicil
M. Fajar Ramadhan
M. Fajar Ramadhan Data Engineer

Our Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Aristama P. W. Roesli_Chief Executive
Aristama P. W. Roesli Chief Research and Analytics Officer
Muhammad Izza
Muhammad Izza Business Analyst Manager at Eureka
Randi Mudahar
Randi Mudahar CPO at Balesin
Teguh Eko Budiarto, ST, MT, CISA
Teguh Eko Budiarto, ST, MT, CISA Co-founder, CEO of Prosa AI





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